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Caring for adults

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Caring for adults
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  • Course learning outcomes

    1. Describe the role and responsibilities of carers.
    2. Recognise some of the basic concepts that will enable a person-centred approach to care.
    3. Identify the different needs of a cared-for person, at different stages of their care.
    4. Understand the impact that caring may have upon carers, and how this might be managed.
    5. Explain some of the legal responsibilities within the caring role.

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Course reviews

    Dana Kelemenova

    Caring for adults

    Dana Kelemenova2 October 2018 6:00

    This course provides comprehensive studying materials and is very helpful for everyone who is caring for a person or deciding to become a professional carer.

    Georgieva Borislavova

    Georgieva Borislavova10 August 2018 9:20

    Rating entered. No review given

    Douglas Thorpe

    Douglas Thorpe18 May 2017 3:58

    I have just completed nnco_carers course, and gained 5 digital badges, the course is very professionally researched and well written with every section covered thoroughly by a dedicated team of people,very well done , thank you Douglas F Thorpe.

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  • Level 0: Beginner
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