Basic Needs: the Foundation of Direct Patient Care

Basic Needs: the Foundation of Direct Patient Care
    • Now, What Exactly Are Basic Needs?

      This section defines and describes basic needs, also known as physical needs or physiologic needs. It is absolutely essential that every nurse, nursing assistant, orderly, caregiver and patient care technician know all about the role of basic needs as they relate to the care of patients and residents. After all, the vast majority of our patients' various problems can be traced back to one or more unmet basic needs. 

  • Course learning outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, students and participants will be able to apply some elements of Maslow's Human Needs Theory to the healthcare setting during the provision of direct patient care.

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  • ExpandBasic Needs, a.k.a. Physical Needs

  • ExpandSupporting Clients' Basic Needs

  • ExpandSafety Needs

  • ExpandSupporting Clients' Safety Needs

  • ExpandLove & Belonging Needs

  • ExpandSelf-Esteem Needs

  • ExpandSelf-Actualization

  • ExpandConclusion

  • ExpandEnd-of-Course Activity

  • ExpandReferences

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