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Mobile Blogging - A Course for Educators

Mobile Blogging - A Course for Educators
    • Mobile Blogging - A Course for Educators

      This course explores how aspects of digital pedagogy, the affordances of mobile technology and the open educational practice of blogging can be combined to enhance the learning and teaching experience.  
      This course provides some underpinning theory, and a place to discuss and exchange of ideas with other educators.  This course is not intended to provide you with specific resources on how to blog, nor does it provide a toolkit on how to use blogging with your students. 
      Rather, this course is intended to answer some questions you might have about the benefits and challenges of mobile blogging while stimulating your own creativity.
      This course was intended originally for lecturers working in the Further Education sector in Scotland.  However, it may have a wider appeal and could be of value to educators and trainers in a range of settings formal and informal settings.  
    • Course learning outcomes

      1. Discuss the benefits and challenges of various forms of digital pedagogy.
      2. Reflect on your learning by writing in a personal blog.
      3. Discuss the benefits of blogging for expression of identity.   
      4. Discuss the links between digital pedagogy and blogging.
      5. Discuss the challenges of open educational practices.
      6. Share ideas on how blogging could be used to enhance learning and teaching practice.
      7. Discuss how the affordances offered by mobile technology can enhance learning and teaching practice.
      8. Discuss the perspective that mobile technology offers the learners a vehicle to express their thoughts in a virtual space.    

    Below is the course content. You can click on any section here and it will take you through to this section of the course.

    Course content

    • ExpandPart 1: Aspects of Digital Pedagogy

    • ExpandPart 2: Blogging for Education

    • ExpandPart 3: Affordances of Mobile Technology

    • ExpandReferences

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    Course reviews

      Fraser Mcintosh


      Fraser Mcintosh3 January 2021 2:39

      Didn't put the star rating on the prior post. This is definitely a 5 out of 5.

      Dianne Johnson

      Thorough investigation of blogging

      Dianne Johnson22 December 2020 10:33

      This course has some excellent content for masters in education students, current teachers and would be bloggers. Some excellent quotable content that expands your knowledge of the pedagogical principles behind blogging. The video at the end will get you thinking about how you would use a blog if you wanted to try it yourself

      Siobhan McCallum

      Siobhan McCallum21 December 2020 5:19

      Rating entered. No review given

    About this course

    • 10 hours study
    • Level 2: Intermediate


    5 out of 5 stars

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