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  • Analysing pesticides experiment

    Analysing pesticides experiment

    Analysing pesticides in the environment using GC-MS

  • Are you ready for S309?

    Are you ready for S309?

    Are you ready for S309? Self-assessment quiz for prospective students of S309 to test their level of skills prior to registering for the module.

  • Are you ready to study S111?

    Are you ready to study S111?

    Introducing Open University module S111, with a simple set of self-assessment questions to find out whether potential students have the right background to study S111 successfully. Feedback will be given separately on science knowledge and understanding, maths skills, computing skills, English language skills, and time management.

  • Business and climate change

    Business and climate change

    Businesses can be affected both directly from climate change and indirectly through government policies. Risks can occur from the impacts of predicted climate change effects such as increased temperature, extreme weather events, disrupted ecosystems and flooding of land. This unit is wrried for small and medium enterprises and people interested in how businesses can respond to climate change. It introduces key concepts such as risk, corporate social responsibility and engaging employees and enables businesses to quickly grasp the issues and opportunities for managing risks. Unit authored by Dr. Barbara L Jones

  • Calculating my Carbon Footprint?

    Calculating my Carbon Footprint?

    This unit seeks to explain what makes up a personal carbon footprint, and to identify alternative options in calculating one. For example, should footprints include emissions associated with goods and services purchased, or should they be restricted to directly attributable emissions, mainly from the use of energy and transport? There are many websites offering carbon footprint calculators, but the answers are almost always different. This unit will explain why this is the case, and allow you select the ones that you feel are most appropriate. Finally, a carbon footprint by itself achieves little; users need to be able to compare their carbon footprint with other people's, and to identify actions that might reduce the footprint to a desired level in the battle against global climate change.

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    Climate change is not going to happen alone. As our climate changes other global environmental problems are going to carry on occurring, such as habitat destruction, pollution, soil erosion and species extinctions. What we currently have very little understanding of is how all these things will interact in the future. Climate change may make some of these problems much worse and some of them may themselves contribute to climate change creating a feedback loop. This unit identifies several global change problems that may interact with climate change.

  • Climate Change and Sustainability

    Climate Change and Sustainability

    It is now universally recognised that human-induced climate change could have major adverse consequences for the world’s ecosystems and societies. Climate change is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, which trap long-wave radiation in the upper atmosphere and consequently raise atmospheric temperatures. This also produces other changes in the climate system. Carbon dioxide is the most important of these gases and its atmospheric concentration has increased exponentially since the beginning of the industrial revolution as a result of fossil fuel combustion and land-use change. In 1800, the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was about 280 parts per million; today it is about 350 ppm and rising. Similar increases have been observed for other greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide.

  • Climate change: National, regional and local policy

    Climate change: National, regional and local policy

    Climate change is defining a new legislative and policty agenda for the United Kingdom, the European Union and globally. Whilst the overall direction is not yet fully defined, there is now clear national and international momentum towards substantive economic and planning intervention to control emissions of greenhouse gases and encourage the use of low carbon alternatives. This unit considers national, regional and local policy and legislation in the UK and elsewhere.

  • Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Rural Areas

    Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Rural Areas

    This unit has been designed around Open Educational Resources (OER) with open content and open access whenever possible. Due to the ‘open’ nature of the resources there will be many differences in the style, appearance, and reliability of the resources, but these resources have been carefully selected to provide a useful educational starting-block for the study of this topic.

  • Como construir um Estado da Arte?

    Como construir um Estado da Arte?

    Este curso tem por objetivo apresentar dicas de como construir o seu 1° Estado da Arte.O curso tem duração de 9 horas, distribuídas em 3 módulos:1 - Introdução;2 - Atividade 13 - Atividade 2

  • Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Design and Build Digital Assessments

    Systematic Approaches to Digital Assessment in Further and Higher Education. A practical course focusing on 'soft' issues not covered in most research studies or sources of guidance. Steps through the process of converting an assessment from paper to digital.

  • Ecology


    Ecology is the study of how organisms interact with each other and with their environment – a truly vast area of biology. The original course examined the biological principles that are the basis for analysing and understanding ecological situations, and should give you some of the skills and knowledge needed by professional ecologists.

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