Queen Margaret University

MSc in Professional and Higher Education

This case study is from a completely online postgraduate programme for teaching professionals who may be based anywhere in the world. Key to creating a sense of belonging on this programme has been the high levels of interactivity that are built into all parts of the programme, beginning with an induction module that all students complete prior to enrolment. Students work in pairs and in groups to complete learning tasks as part of all of their modules, all of which can contribute to portfolio summative assessments.

Contributors: Dr Susi Peacock and Dr Lindesay Irvine

1. About this programme/module

The MSc in Professional and Higher Education is a postgraduate programme aimed at teachers in post -16 education. This includes teachers in colleges and universities as well as those teaching outwith these formal settings e.g. in placement settings such as hospitals. 

The programme can be completed in one year by studying full time. However, students on the programme tend to be mature learners who are studying alongside work and therefore the majority of learners are studying part time. Students must take eight modules and submit a thesis to complete the programme. The typical student chooses to study two modules per year meaning the programme takes 4-5 years to complete. 

The current (2018-19) cohort is 72 students comprising of students based across the world; from the UK to Australia and Singapore.