Training guide


1. Introduction

During this enhanced SPRINT programme you will be introduced to tools and resources that you can use in your own teaching. There will be audio resources and short films showing examples of classroom activities to support your learning, as well as text for you to read, questions for you to consider and activities for you to complete before, during or after TGMs.

This SBCPD programme is ‘learner-centred’ in its approach (Schweisfurth, 2013). It will:

  • build on your existing knowledge, challenging you to learn more
  • provide activities aimed at motivating you and your colleagues
  • take account of the different starting points you might have
  • emphasise the importance of dialogue to support thinking and learning
  • draw on examples relevant to your everyday life and to your role as an educator
  • promote the learning of a range of skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity
  • make space for personal reflection and responses
  • encourage you to work together and discuss the activities.

Classroom in school in Zambia
Classroom in school in Zambia

The programme is based on three key principles:

  • a good lesson is made up of several different activities
  • the activities that make up the lesson should actively engage learners
  • it takes time to learn how to organise active learning in the classroom and to build up confidence.

In this course you will learn how to manage classrooms using the principles of learner-centred education.