Training guide

1. Introduction

Welcome back to the enhanced SPRINT school-based continuing professional development (SBCPD) programme. This is designed to support active teaching and learning in line with the Zambian Revised School Curriculum. It is also relevant to others hoping to develop more active learning and improve their classroom teaching. It is suggested that the programme will take six terms (two school years) and will be the focus of your Teacher Group Meetings (TGMs).

You will probably have already completed Year 1 and covered nine teaching approaches in the three terms. If you have not studied these yet, course 4, 5 and 6 will still be helpful to you, but you may wish to return to 1–3 at some point in the future.

  • Course 1: Classroom management for learner-centred teaching 
  • Course 2: Inclusive teaching 
  • Course 3: Assessment for Learning 

In Year 2 you will be looking at the following topics:

  • Course 4: Managing and supporting learner-centred classrooms 
  • Course 5: Literacy across the curriculum 
  • Course 6: Being a reflective practitioner

Over the past three courses the focus has been on managing the classroom so that your teaching can be more learner-centred and include all the learners.  You have done this by, for example, organising pair and group learning tasks, using different forms of questioning to find out what exactly your students understand, monitoring progress and activity for all students,  and using local resources in a meaningful and creative way in your lessons.

In this course, you will be building on these skills. You will continue to develop learner-centred ways of working both in the classroom and with colleagues in your TGMs. You will also spend time looking at how to use the classroom resources provided for you in the TESSA materials.

Teachers from Kabwe District working together
Teachers from Kabwe District working together