Unit 2: The importance of a safe organisational culture


2.5 Anti-racism and discrimination checker

However well-meaning we are and objective we try to be, we all have and exhibit bias consciously or unconsciously.

Because of this, we should check our power and privilege and be more aware of possible discrimination and racism in our organisations which make unsafe workspaces.

To overcome the possible misuse of power and privilege and to bring about effective change, an innovative tool is needed which will help shift the focus from individual intent to be fair to fair and equitable outcomes. Only when staff and local partners feel sufficiently confident to speak up and challenge leaders will our organisations have effectively tackled racism.

This tool, developed by Wellcome, Britain’s biggest charity, enables the systematic tracking of progress towards tackling racism. The tool is based on five anti-racist principles (shown in the diagram below) against which progress is tracked.

A diagram with a centre circle saying anti-racism checker. Around this are five satellite circles saying prioritise anti-racism. Investigate racial inequality. Involve people of colour. Counteract racism. Make measurable progress.

As anti-racism is a cross-organisational activity, the tool includes a section to record who you have shared reflections and progress with. The tool could be adapted to address discrimination also.

How do you think your organisation could make use of this tool?

This may be an issue that you need to discuss with other people in your organisation in order to think about how it could be used effectively.