Unit 2: The importance of a safe organisational culture


2.12 Webinar 1

This webinar explores the issues of leadership and organisational culture that are covered in Units 1 and 2 of this course. A recording of the webinar (58 minutes) is available for you to watch below. Each of the speakers approaches the topic from a different perspective, please note in your learning journal any key points from each that you would like to take back to discuss in your own organisation. 

Topic: Leadership skills & EDI


  • Dario Soto Abril, Executive Secretary, Global Water Partnership
    Dario is the Executive Secretary of the Global Water Partnership, an intergovernmental organization promoting water security around the world. He was previously the CEO of Fairtrade International, dealing with sustainable agriculture and food security around the world. In his jobs, he has always prioritized safeguarding.
  • Andrew Azzopardi, Senior Associate, Proteknon Foundation for Innovation + Learning
    Andrew is a social worker with 18 years of experience in child protection, safeguarding investigations and developing a safe culture within organisations. He is currently a Senior Associate with Proteknon. He is also the Coordinator of the Vatican Safeguarding Taskforce and the Director of the Safeguarding Commission. Previously Andrew was the safeguarding lead for the Caritas lnternationalis Confederation and the Football Association {England). He also worked for the NSPCC {England) where he conducted risk assessments and offered therapy to young sex offenders. He has a specialism in international politics and human rights.
  • Lena Bheeroo, Engagement and Equity Manager, Bond
    Lena leads the anti-racism work in the wider decolonising work at Bond, the sector network for NGOs in the UK. She is also an anti-racism activist and organiser with CharitySoWhite and The Racial Equity Index. Lena is one of the authors of  Racism, power and truth:  Experiences of people of colour in development. You watched the video accompanying this report in section 2.3.
Further resources to support this webinar:

IDC report on Racism in the Aid Sector