Unit 4: Good governance and organisational oversight


4.4 Recruitment of a diverse Board

In order to ensure that the organisation benefits from a variety of views from the best minds and informed decision-making, the recruitment of Board members is of vital importance.

Even for network or membership organisations, where they may not have a choice on who is on the Board, the members should develop clear terms of reference and a job description, which should include responsibilities for safeguarding (as this is a shared responsibility) when recruiting Board members.

Board members should undergo a clear recruitment process that includes submitting an application form and a CV and attending an interview where safeguarding questions are asked.

A Board made up of different ages, gender, ethnicity and sexuality will provide deeper, more meaningful discussions and improve accountability. However, a Board where everyone thinks or looks the same will fall into the trap of complacency and denial when safeguarding concerns arise.

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Watch the video above, in which Penny Wilson of Getting on Boards highlights eight key points on how to recruit a diverse Board.

Activity 4.2

Based on your learning so far, note in your learning journal why a diverse Board is beneficial for keeping people safe in your organisation? Is there any learning your organisation can take from these 8 points?

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