Unit 4: Good governance and organisational oversight


4.10 Working on internal relationships

Boards also have a duty to work on relationships with management and staff internally.

They need to do this in a way that does not undermine management’s responsibility for the supervision of staff, but they should be accessible to staff, volunteers and beneficiaries in order to provide them an opportunity to raise concerns should they wish to. These opportunities could be part of the whistleblowing process and/or safeguarding reporting process.

Board members who are independent could provide a more objective and clearer approach to what next steps should be taken and ensure that the process is more accountable, and survivor centred.

The Board should allow staff and volunteers to carry out any functions that have been delegated to them. The Board’s role is to ensure that this delegated authority is being properly exercised, through appropriate monitoring and reporting procedures and, where appropriate and possible, independent checking, as the responsibility remains theirs.

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