Unit 4: Good governance and organisational oversight


4.11 Webinar 3

This webinar, which discussed some of the content of the learning in this unit, took place on 14th June 2022. A recording of the webinar (62 minutes) entitled The Importance of Board Governance and Oversight that Supports Organisational Safeguarding is available for you to watch below. Each of the speakers approaches the topic from a different perspective, please note in your learning journal any key points from each that you would like to take back to discuss in your own organisation. 

A PDF of the webinar presentation is available in the Downloads section below.

Topic: Leadership skills


  • Prof. Suzanne Shale, Author and Independent Ethics Consultant
    Suzanne Shale is an independent ethics consultant, working with organisations across health and social care, the third sector, and the criminal justice system. Over the last ten years Suzanne’s work has been concentrated in four key areas: experiences of harm in care settings, organisational culture, ethical leadership, and ethical policing. She carried the Shale Review of Culture for Save the Children UK and has subsequently advised other humanitarian organisations.
    Alongside a range of ethics consultancy assignments she is currently a Member of the General Medical Council, Non- Executive Director of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Chair of the London Policing Ethics Panel and a Visiting Professor at the Department of Security and Crime Science, University College London. Her book Moral Leadership in Medicine – Building Ethical Healthcare Organisations was published by Cambridge in 2012 and her website is www.clearer-thinking.co.uk
  • Dr. Judith Turbyne, Chief Executive, Children in Scotland
    Dr. Judith Turbyne became Chief Executive of Children in Scotland in August 2021. She has spent most of her professional life working in and with the charity sector. For much of that time she worked in international development, with charities challenging global poverty and inequality. She worked in Latin America and the Caribbean for many years, in local frontline organisations and with multinational funders, before moving to Dublin to work as the CEO of Progressio Ireland. Judith returned home to Scotland in 2013 as Head of Engagement with the Scottish Charity Regulator where she has had the pleasure of working with many charities across Scotland. She is currently the Deputy Chair of the Corra Foundation. Judith has a PhD from the University of Bath which looked at empowerment in development.
  • Tina Fahm, CEO, International Consulting Firm
    ‘Tina is the CEO of an international consulting firm. She has 30+ years’ experience in designing and delivering learning programmes in governance, leadership and safeguarding in the development sector.’ / www.fahm.com

Here is a downloadable version of the slides from this webinar.

Further resources to support this webinar:

The independent review of workplace culture at Save the Children UK (2018)