Unit 4: Good governance and organisational oversight


4.13 Review of Unit 4 and the post-course survey

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In this final Unit, we have explored the importance of ensuring good governance at Board level to make sure that safeguarding is recognised as an important organisational risk.

The independence of the Board is essential, and we explored how recruitment to the Board should be inclusive and diverse.

We looked at the following functions of the Board:

  • Setting the tone of the organisational culture.
  • Leading by example, ensuring that safeguarding is adequately funded and that the organisation has access to the right expertise.
  • Ensuring that there is a designated safeguarding trustee on the Board, and a Safeguarding Committee has been set-up.
  • Making safeguarding a part of the organisational risk framework and that there is an agreed risk assessment and risk appetite, and this is continually assessed.
  • Reporting is escalated to regulatory bodies and law enforcement.
  • Holding management to account for decisions, while recognising that responsibility remains with the Board.

The list above is non-exhaustive. What did you take away from this unit? Make some notes in your learning journal.

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