What are birds?


Welcome to the Highland Perthshire Primary Schools Birdbox Project activity pack.

Primary school children with bird boxes by GreenTweed Eco and educational materials by PKCT.

This is an activity course and resource pack to be paired with the ten hand-made bird boxes delivered to your Highland Perthshire primary school by Tom Rawson from GreenTweed Eco

Many thanks to our funders

This project is possible thanks to the funding from the Basil Death Trust, the Jimmie Cairncross Charitable Trust and the Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust.

You will learn about...

    • Types of birds
    • Bird habitats
    • Bird migration
    • Birds' diets
    • Caring for birds

Please note:

This activity course includes embedded third-party sites (YouTube videos and Xeno-Canto sound files) which may contain adverts. 

Bird sounds and videos may be loud - make sure your volume begins quietly for your class before you continue playing sound or video files.