Many animals move home every year, including birds. Some birds fly over seas, some move just a few miles.

To migrate means to move location because of the season.

Why do birds migrate?(click here to reveal)

Birds migrate for food and nesting locations.

When it's gets colder, there are fewer insects and plants to eat. Birds in Europe  migrate north in the spring as there are more insects further north.

Holly berries in the winter covered in snow.

Even though Scotland is small, the south can be warmer than the north

There will also be more nesting locations and plantlife. In the winter, however, these birds go south to escape the cold and find food elsewhere.

A chaffinch in the snow.

This is a Chaffinch, it is a resident of Scotland. Scotland's moderate climate means that it can find insects and seeds to eat all year round.

Chaffinch's song (click play above)

Birds that migrate within Scotland or birds that don't migrate at all are 'residents' of Scotland.