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Clare Reeve Post 1

28 Jan 2020, 20:00

Week 3, Activity 2

Having worked in HR for over 25 years, my thinking and emphasis on decision making is, unsurprisingly, based on the following types of questions:
  • What's the impact of the action on our teams/colleagues?
  • How will it land?  What will make it well received?
  • Is there any risk attached from a people perspective? ie. do we risk any legislative breeches etc.

When discussing decisions with colleagues from process and compliance background, it is clear we come from a different perspective.  

It's about what efficiencies it will deliver, how will we measure ROI? in what order? whats the correct process? (something we agree on), and have we documented it? What type of data reporting can we capture? What evidence will be available to back up the decision. 

Discussing the same issue from two different backgrounds, and therefore two different identifies, has encouraged us both to think about common ground and how we can both see wins, but also to challenge each other on why the questions we each ask need answers; understand what it is that is important and help us come to a more well considered outcome.