Week 6 Collaborating across organisational boundaries


Welcome to Week 6 of our course on collaborative leadership. This week explores collaborative leadership across organisational boundaries. You will consider whether working across organisational boundaries places particular demands on those who lead voluntary organisations, and explore the challenges and tensions of leadership in inter-organisational contexts. You will reflect on your own leadership to consider how you negotiate the challenges and tensions of working across organisational boundaries. The key practice for this week is ‘nurturing’ inter-organisational relationships.

By the end of this week, you will be able to:

  • identify some of the distinctive challenges of working across organisational boundaries
  • identify issues that arise for leadership in inter-organisational contexts
  • offer a critical account of three ideas about leadership in inter-organisational contexts
  • reflect critically on the significance of identity for inter-organisational collaboration.
  • apply the idea of nurturing inter-organisational relationships, and reflect on the insight this gives to your own working practice.

1 Working across organisational boundaries