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Sara Fernee Post 1

24 January 2022, 11:03 PM

storytelling has the power to transport you..

I remember as a child being transported to new and intersting places through imagining the scenes from different stories.. I have always liked to listen to spoken words, to hear the voice/ the personality of the teller within the stories. I loved the idea that the carpet I sat on could be a magic carpet and could whisk me off on adventures! Now I am still drawn to stories, I like when you get snap shots of peoples histories or geographies, of the lands and people that have shaped them. I really like the idea that you can seed hope and positive change for the future through stories, by imagining the things we want to be and see.. and believing its possible and sharing those possibilities and visions with others. A community garden is a place where you get used to investing in the future, one step,day, season, year at a time.