2.2 Communicating the unknown

In the previous section, you read an extract from an interview with Filo, an elder, indigenous member of her community. We will now reflect on how we can support other people in our organisations in exploring unknown territory.

Activity 2 Helping others explore the unknown

Timing: (10 minutes)

What kind of things could you do if you were confronted with a similar situation to this in your organisation: of someone trying to communicate something of importance to them but struggling to find the words?

Spend 10 minutes reflecting on how you might approach the situation.


Too often in organisations people are made to feel embarrassed if they want to speak up but stumble over their words. That is a shame because these moments are important – a sign that someone is circling something that matters to them but that they can’t quite put their finger on. It is precisely at this point that people need the support of their colleagues. In the next section we will unpack some ideas as to how this support can be offered.

2.1 Grappling with the unknown through language

2.3 Supporting colleagues in exploring the unknown