How you can study this module

This module can be studied sequentially, or the material can be used as a reference guide with sections explored in any order. If studied as a module the core content should take around 3 hours to work through. Section 1 is the longest section and will take about half of the total study time.

You can study at your own pace. However, as you work through the module, think about not only your role but also that of other partners and colleagues you work with. You might find it helpful to form an informal study group with colleagues and use some of the activities as a basis for group discussion.

Teachers do not have to know everything about dyslexia; however they do need to know where to go for information, guidance and support.

We have also provided downloadable alternative formats of the course. You can find these on the first page of each section.

If you work through all of the content in this module, tackle the formative quizzes and pass the end-of-module quiz you will be awarded with a digital badge to recognise your learning.

Badge information