6.2 Improving support for children and young people with dyslexia

There are a range of free resources and approaches available which improve the educational experiences and outcomes for children and young people who have additional support needs. However, it is important to remember the high value parents, carers and learners place on staff who are able to demonstrate empathy and an understanding of support needs and the positive impact this has.

Activity 12 Reflective Log

Reflect on what you do well and where you could improve in relation to detecting and supporting dyslexia in your class, school and local authority. You might like to use the table shown below and printed in your reflective log; or use a mind map or other means of taking notes.

For example

What I do well

I ensure that I liaise with support colleagues to ensure I have up-to-date information on my pupils who have ASN.


Once you have identified these issues think about how you could improve what you do.


What needs to improve?

I need to evaluate my learning and teaching resources to ensure they are accessible.


How to improve?

I will access the information on CALL Scotland’s website to support my professional development.


 In my class In our school community In our local authority
What I /we do well   
What needs to improve    
How to improve    

6.1 Support Staff and Generic Approaches