7.1 What next?

Following the completion of this introductory module, further reflective practice on dyslexia and inclusive practice could translate into:

  • Engaging in on-going enquiry into relevant evidence and research into inclusive practice, language development, literacy and dyslexia
  • Keeping a professional learning journal including self-reflection on practice
  • Ensuring the child’s views are listened to and valued
  • Ensuring good communication with the parent/carer in the educational planning and identification process
  • Using video to capture and analyse learning and teaching
  • Asking colleagues to observe and feedback on practice
  • Devising questionnaires and other research methods to capture learners’ views on practice

Activity 13 Reflective Log

For the final entry in your Reflective Log for this module consider

‘How will the completion of this module impact on your professional practice?

For example

This module will support evidence in my learning required for the GTC professional update.

This module will help me gain an understanding of dyslexia and the value of inclusive practice.

You can now take the End of module quiz.

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