Global trends in death and dying

1 Introduction

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What is death like around the world? How do we know what the causes and circumstances of death are globally? Are these changing, and if so, why? We will try to find the answers to these questions in this short module. 

At the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand global trends in death and dying 
  • Analyse major causes of death in the global context  
  • Critically reflect on the social factors that influence health and how this links to death 

The course starts by taking a look at global patterns of death and dying, introducing key ideas such as ‘The Global Burden’ and the concept of variations in the causes of death across time and place. Using specific examples the course then explores the social factors affecting death and dying’, highlighting the role of inequality.

You will find a range of short activities throughout the course, which allow you to explore some information, reflect on it and test your understanding. These, along with the quiz at the end, go towards gaining an Open Badge. 

2 Patterns in death and dying