1.1.3 Overview of relevant legislation which supports inclusion.

Figure 4 highlights a range of legislation which is in place to support and promote inclusion within Scottish schools and local authorities. Further details of relevant legislation can be found in section 4 of this module. Legislation which places duties on schools and local authorities to support and provide inclusive education for learners in Scotland can be linked directly to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Support for all learners begins within the classroom and is provided by the classroom teacher who holds the main responsibility for nurturing, educating and meeting the needs of all pupils in their class, working in partnership with support staff to plan, deliver and review curriculum programmes. Support for children and young people with dyslexia and also those who experience literacy difficulties and other additional support needs is achieved through universal support within the staged levels of intervention which is discussed in further detail in section 4.

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Figure 4 Legislation and overview of support

1.1.2 Additional Support Needs

1.1.4 Improving inclusive practice will support schools and local authorities to meet key national priorities