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Supporting Dyslexia, Inclusive Practice and Literacy

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Supporting Dyslexia, Inclusive Practice and Literacy
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    This course is part of a collection

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  • Course learning outcomes

    After studying this module and participating in the tasks you will have a deeper understanding of:

    • Dyslexia and inclusive practice with the Scottish context of education, equality and equity
    • Dyslexia and how it is identified
    • Dyslexia, co-occurring additional support needs and inclusive practice
    • Effective communication
    • Support strategies

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Course reviews

    michelle mowberry


    michelle mowberry9 July 2020 1:29

    Learnt some new information

    Amela Shiroka


    Amela Shiroka6 July 2020 9:49

    Carolyn Dixon

    Lots of reading - good depth

    Carolyn Dixon12 June 2020 6:47

    The course was a bit difficult to navigate at times. On the quizzes I would suggest a margin for alternative words to be accepted as correct answers (not the word bank ones). I didn't put in the exact word for an answer and it marked me wrong even though the word was a synonym of the answer required in the reading.

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About this course

  • 10 hours study
  • Level 1: Introductory
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3.9 out of 5 stars

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