1.3 Target Audience

1.3.1 Public education authorities

In the first instance, this Guide should assist national authorities responsible for education and teacher policy, planning and practice. At a national level, potential audiences may include:

  • Ministries or departments of education
  • Ministries or departments of labour, or civil or public service
  • Ministries of finance
  • Teaching or public service commissions or equivalent bodies dealing with any of the major dimensions of a national teacher policy, especially teacher recruitment, initial education, professional development and all facets of employment
  • Professional bodies involved with teachers, such as teacher professional councils or statutory quasi-government bodies, such as joint bargaining forums, including unions and governments.

Although designed to facilitate a national policy, the Guide should by extension also assist those at the sub-national level – regional, provincial or state, and local, municipal or village – who are responsible for teacher-related issues.

1.3.2 Private education providers