Early childhood education

Investing in ECE as a foundation for all other education is important for improving quality and achieving equity (UNESCO, 2006). The quality of care and teaching is critical to assuring the provision of high-quality ECE. Based on evidence from a wide range of countries, the ILO (2014) guidelines on decent work for ECE staff note that ‘High-quality ECE provision is dependent on adequate investments in initial ECE personnel education and training that ensure preparation for all ECE personnel comparable to that of primary school teachers with equivalent professional status and responsibilities.’ The guidelines further emphasize a high professional, social and material status for ECE personnel, built around a comprehensive recruitment, development and retention policy or strategy developed at national level, to ensure ECE excellence (ILO, 2014: 10, 13). Given the importance of this education foundation, a teacher policy should in the first place be aligned with and enhance policies related to ECE.

Civic and human rights policies

Gender Equality