2.2.8 Evaluation and revision

Like any other policy that establishes a roadmap to guide operations, a teacher policy should build in an evaluation tool or process to help determine whether and why objectives and benchmarks have been met (or not) and timelines respected, and what needs to change in future policy definition and implementation (see Chapters 4 and 5 for a more extensive discussion). Assessment of the policy’s effectiveness should pose key questions about measurement criteria (quantitative and qualitative indicators), the individuals responsible for performing the assessment (education planners, evaluation specialists, teaching staff, or other stakeholders), the timing of the reviews (ongoing, mid-term, or end of plan) and how the assessment results can best be utilized in policy and practice (IIEP and GPE, 2012: 17–18; UNESCO, 2012a: 24,37–38).

2.2.7 Participation and commitment

2.3 Using existing tools: Analytical works and available policy documents on teachers and education