3.1.5 Equity in teacher recruitment

Equity and transparency in teacher recruitment and retention are fundamental principles. Equity should be understood not only as a practice that is inclusive in terms of gender, age, language and ethnicity, but as a broader approach impacting on the entire recruitment process. For example, recruitment policy and procedures should include practical measures to ensure equal access to candidates with disabilities, as well as candidates who belong to minority groups, come from rural communities, have family responsibilities or live with HIV. This requires policies or actions such as:Footnote 10

  • Publicizing recruitment opportunities amongst under-represented groups
  • Providing information or training to under-represented groups to ensure equal access
  • Setting targets for recruitment from certain groups
  • Using recruitment criteria that will not unfairly disadvantage some groups or individuals
  • Training recruiters in applying equity principles
  • Using positive action where necessary
  • Ensuring transparent and fair recruitment procedures.

3.1.4 Teacher licensing or certification

3.1.6 Recruitment of school leaders