Step 7 – Interpreting and Evaluating (1)

Finding a pattern in the results
When we increasedtemperature (°C)
There was ...

number of seeds


an increase in the
a decrease in the
no change in the

The pupils are now asked to ‘make sense’ of their results.

Step 7 – Interpreting and Evaluating (2)

Drawing a valid conclusion
Was the investigation a fair test?YESNO
The conclusion from our investigation is ...
The number of seeds germinating is controlled by temperature. When you increase the temperature the number of cress seeds germinating increases.

If they are satisfied that the experiment represented a fair test, they may now draw a conclusion from their investigation.

If the experiment was not a fair test, no conclusion may be reached.

Step 6 - Recording and Presenting (1)

Step 8 - Reporting back