4.3 Actions speak louder than words

Mme Touré’s method is one way to ensure children’s understanding. There are many others.

Activity 18: Strategies to help children understand explanations

This activity will allow teachers to start building a bank of ideas they will be able to use to support pupil understanding.

  • Download from the TESSA website and read the TESSA key resource ‘Using explaining and demonstrating to assist learning [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]
  • Read and annotate both sections titled ‘Assisting learning by demonstrating’ and ‘Explaining is not one-way.
  • Using a table like the one below:
    • Write some ideas of how you can use demonstrations and explanations in the ‘Strategies’ column.
    • Now think about your pupils who need much more support and, in the ‘Adaptations for certain pupils’ column, write down your ideas to facilitate understanding for these pupils.
StrategiesAdaptations for certain pupils
1Illustrate the explanations with images, diagrams, objects …

Serge (visual impairment): large images

Emilie (blind): An object that can be explored through touch



4.2 Ensuring understanding in general

4.4 Use of technical vocabulary