Table of Toolkit activities

Activity 1.1Core tasks of the School Experience Supervisor
Activity 1.2Qualities of an effective School Experience Supervisor
Activity 1.3Thinking about practice
Activity 2.1Becoming familiar with TESSA
Activity 3.1Active pedagogy
Activity 3.2Identifying active teaching methods
Activity 4.1Active teaching methods – supporting student teachers
Activity 4.2Possible uses of the TESSA materials
Activity 4.3Planning to use TESSA with your student teachers
Activity 4.4Using the TESSA handbook ‘Working with Pupils’ as support
Activity 5.1What are the attributes of a good teacher?
Activity 5.2Categorising and reflecting on the attributes of effective teachers
Activity 5.3Supporting student teachers’ understanding of effective teachers
Activity 6.1What are the features of a good lesson?
Activity 6.2Features of good lessons
Activity 7.1Reflecting on school visits
Activity 7.2Observation form
Activity 8.1Giving feedback to my student teacher
Activity 8.2In the student teacher’s shoes
Activity 8.3Preparing to assess the student teacher
Activity 9.1Grade and reports
Activity 10.1TESSA teaching strategies in a seminar
Activity 11.1Responding to your own student teachers’ difficulties
Activity 11.2Supporting students with difficulties
Activity 12.1Active teaching methods audit
Activity 12.2Reflecting on your own teaching
Activity 12.3Using the TESSA handbook ‘Working with Teachers’ as support
Activity 12.4Supporting student teachers’ post-lesson reflection

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Table of Toolkit case studies