Resource 5: Mr Nyamekye’s class's ideas for health promotion

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

As well as Sports Day, Mr Nyamekye gave his class the opportunity to suggest other ways that the school could support health promotion (see Key Resource: Using mind maps and brainstorming to explore ideas [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] ). He already had many of the following ideas in mind but he supported his pupils in coming up with a list first. In fact, they had very similar ideas.

  • Pupils and teachers could clean the playground and classrooms after assembly every morning.
  • Using rubbish bins would stop people dropping rubbish just anywhere. (It would also stop dogs and rats coming into the school and reduce the possibility of the children and teachers catching diseases or falling ill.)
  • Using the school as a local inoculation centre when the health workers were visiting would ensure that children and teachers would all receive regular inoculations. It would also mean that the children would receive some additional health guidance from doctors and nurses.
  • Establishing connections between the school and local and visiting health workers would help the school with health resources.
  • Developing a school garden would provide food (such as vegetables to make soup) and exercise, as well as learning about the environment.
  • A first aid/rest area or room could be created.
  • The school could invite visitors to come and talk about particular problems, e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria.
  • They could run after-school exercise or games clubs.

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