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Schools must bring in children who are sitting at home

In our new Ghana, education is free. It is for all children. But there are still children sitting at home, without education. Some have disabilities, some have HIV positive parents, some are too poor to buy uniform.

Schools must bring these children in, to share education with other children. Why do we say this?

Firstly, it is their democratic right to be educated. The Minister of Education says all children must be included in classes.

Secondly and most importantly, they need to have friends and be part of life.

Some say that teachers do not know how to teach children with disabilities. Some say that parents don’t want their children to be friends with ‘cripples’. But we don’t want our society to be one that chooses. Everyone must be treated the same. Children can help those with disabilities, and make it easier for the teacher.

Our class at Aburi Presbyterian Primary School, found two children sitting alone at home. We persuaded them to come to school. Adwubi has only one arm. We are helping her to learn writing and to play games. She is very clever and learns fast. Asiedu is deaf, but if he looks at your lips, he can hear. He is getting better at it. He is also becoming good at reading. We can write messages to him. We are learning many things from these children, and they are our friends.

It is still difficult for them, and the teacher is giving them extra help after school. The School Management Committee is also helping them to get school uniforms. They don’t have uniforms yet.

We are pleased that they have come into our class, and we want to tell other schools to do the same.


Class 5

Aburi Presbyterian Primary School

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