Resource 4: How Mrs Ofori found her story

Background information / subject knowledge for teacher

Mrs Ofori tried to find a good story that she could use in her class. She knew the adage that ’nobody is more important than another person’. However, she could not remember the story that goes with that adage. She remembered the story was about and uncle and a nephew. She also remembered that there was a river they had to cross.

Since she could not remember the full story, Mrs Ofori asked her friend, Abigail, whose father is a storyteller on the local radio station. Abigail knew about the story but she could not give the details. When Abigail went home, she asked her father, Mr Owusu, if he remembered the details of the story. Mr Owusu told Abigail that the story came about because the inhabitants of a small town in the Ashanti Region were tired of a young man who was always telling lies and exaggerating issues to make people feel he was very important. Mr Owusu’s version of the story is at

Taken from: Umthamo 2, University of Fort Hare Distance Education Project

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