Section 3: Discussing data

Key Focus Question: How to help pupils confidently discuss data, they have collected and collated.

Keywords: survey, data collection data analysis, Interpretation, pie chart/ bar chart, pictogram, histogram, line graph, scatter graph

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this section, you will:

  • be familiar with a range of different data sets that pupils can usefully collect for analysis;
  • have developed your subject and pedagogic knowledge of graphically representing data;
  • have developed and used a structured question approach to assess understanding.


This section is a practical section where pupils themselves collect data, decide how best to represent this data and are able to analyse it. Through whole class discussion decisions are made by the pupils themselves with guidance from you. The assessment of this topic is done successfully by using a structured question approach. There are three aspects dealt with here – the collection of data, using what they already can do and new methods to count things - and keeping records of the data, and analysis of this data. In all these activities the pupils themselves play the major role.

Resource 4: Units of time

1. Organising surveys to collect data