Section 2: Student carer experiences at university


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Welcome to Section 2 of the Carer Aware at University course. In this section we will build on Section 1 and develop a deeper understanding of how a caring role could impact on a student carer’s experience at university. We will explore both the barriers and the opportunities a caring role can create for a student.

Section learning outcomes

On completing this section, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the skills a carer can develop through their unpaid caring role and how they can be applied to their learning.

  • Identify the issues that affect carers while they are studying and their academic experience.

  • Explore strategies that can make a difference to the life of a student carer.

  • Reflect on stereotyping and assumptions that might affect how you support student carers.

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2.1  What student carers bring to university