In this section we looked at some of the skills carers develop which can benefit them at university. We also heard about how caring can impact on a student’s experience of university and reflected on how your understanding of this can help you to support carers more effectively.

We explored some of the disadvantages and inequalities carers may face in accessing higher education. It can be difficult for carers to disclose their experience of these barriers so being aware of the challenges your students face can help create responsive policy and practice.

If you would like to gain the Carer Aware badge, please complete the quiz at the end of this section. You may wish to finish the course once you achieve this badge.

If you are interested in learning more about student carers, and in exploring the criteria for the Going Higher for Student Carers: Recognition Award, Level 2 will cover this. This level will be useful for those responsible for developing a submission for the award. If your university already has the award, it can help you to review and improve the support you provide for carers.

Completion of the quiz at the end of Section 4 will gain you the Going Higher badge. You can also download a certificate of participation to evidence your learning.

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