6.3 Actors and scenarios

In the next activity you will return to the video you watched in Section 2.1. In this migration discussion we have five voices which we have now detailed below. The next activity will show you whether you can identify who each voice is.

Activity 6.2 Stakeholder interests and identities

Timing: Allow 20 minutes

There are two parts to this activity.

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Part 2

Based on what you have learned throughout the course and from rewatching Video 2.1, match the name of the Evidence Café participant to their stakeholder role.

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This activity reveals the importance of trying to understand the contexts that Evidence Café participants come from, their various interests and their perspectives on – in this case – migration. There are likely to be as many perspectives as there are participants, but an Evidence Café helps to make these perspectives clear and structures related evidence, allowing you to co-create knowledge that can better shape practice. Because of these multiple perspectives it is important that as Evidence Café organisers and champions, you don’t pre-judge people or assume that a particular role necessarily leads to a specific perspective. It is this sensitivity to the multiple roles and contexts in which Evidence Café participants work that is critical when you plan and take on champion roles for an Evidence Café.

6.2 Setting up an Evidence Café