2.4 Reflecting on the resilience framework

Activity 4 The resilience framework

Timing: Spend about an hour overall on this activity.

Using the resilience framework of membership, collective skills, networks, innovation and role of government, think about a co-operative familiar to you (wherever in the world).

Make notes on what you know about this co-operative with respect to the different dimensions of the framework. What do you think your notes tell you about the resilience of the co-operative?

You can now go back to any of the resources you were not able to look at in Activity 1 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   and review them.

Alternatively you might like to look at a short paper from the ILO on co-operatives and value chains:

ILO (2012) ‘The role of co-operatives and business associations in value chain development’, Value Chain Briefing Paper 2, ILO.

This briefing paper can be found by going to Enterprises Department, or just search for the publication on the ILO website.

In the ILO Enterprises Department, you will also find many other publications and materials on co-operatives.

2.3.5 The role of government

Box 1 The development of the Ugandan co-operative movement