3.1.2 Resilience and constraints in the case of TMCU

This is my table for TMCU.

TMCU Demonstration of resilience Constraints on resilience
Membership Members working towards responsible forest management

Members have low levels of literacy

Some very remote

Members not yet imbued with co-operative values and principles

Although growing number of youth, only small per cent of women (18%)

Collective skills

TMCU provides a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas

STIL provides opportunities for training in use of machinery and furniture making

STIL training opportunities only available to some members

Self-reliant approach

Creation of STIL has enabled access to commercial credit

Developing networks with buyers in Botswana and South Africa

Not enough contact with other co-operatives

Networks still in the process of development

STIL still in infancy and not yet providing value added for members

Some members sell to middlemen rather than STIL: problem of distance and transport

Innovation Upgrading of processes and products through setting up STIL, with the aim of supplying different types of timber to different markets Lack of national standard for selling sawn timber: makes it difficult to negotiate deals with buyers
Role of government Government has provided forest concession for 15 years TMCU thinks government should also patrol forests and borders, help to provide credit (not available for co-operatives) and training

My picture of TMCU is that government support and a better regulatory environment is needed for the future. There are clearly some infrastructural needs in terms of transport of timber, and also education and training needs, including the type of social learning within co-operatives discussed in Section 2 of this unit. But this is early days for TMCU and some of the challenges are very different from those of producing and marketing coffee, particularly with respect to the regulatory environment.

I think I would want to know a bit more about the financing and governance of STIL and its potential markets.

Were there other issues that occurred to you from your own experience?

3.1.1 Resilience and constraints in the case of MZCPCU

3.2 Reflecting on resilience as a process