6 Styles of interactive computer marked assessments

Discussions within the university have revealed that faculties see two major ways for students to interact with questions and assessments. These are described in Moodle as deferred feedback mode and interactive with multiple tries mode. As this is a website that is designed to help you learn about eAssessment in Moodle the bulk of the example tests on this site run in interactive with multiple tries mode.

Deferred feedback

Students are allowed one try at each question, though they may revisit and amend their response prior to submission. All responses are submitted simultaneously and feedback is provided either immediately (formative mode) or after a cut-off date (summative mode).

Interactive with multiple tries

Questions are answered one by one and instant feedback is provided. For those who answer incorrectly the questions are designed to allow multiple tries with stepped feedback. Interactive mode assessments can be used both formatively and summatively.


The question engine supports other 'question behaviours' beyond those used at the OU and the STACK examples on this site use the 'adaptive' behaviour.

5 The influence of OpenMark

7 Usage at the OU