2 Systems and Administration

  • Ensure that Moodle is robust and reliable; we spent some time cleaning and refactoring swathes of code as we gradually gained confidence in the platform. To January 2008 Tim Hunt had resolved over 1,000 issues in the Moodle bug tracker, this large number reflecting that the Quiz module is a complex piece of software.
  • Rewrite of the Moodle roles and permissions (Moodle 1.7).
  • Support for tutor groups across the Quiz module to reflect OU structures and to ensure that tutors could see the results for only their students (enhanced roles and permissions in Moodle 1.8).
  • Improve categories for grouping and sharing questions. This work was carried out in Asia, but the Quiz Module Lead Developer had a role in its specification (Moodle 1.9).
  • Email confirmation on submission of summative assessment (Moodle 1.9). This was designed by the Quiz Module Lead Developer but paid for and implemented in Queensland.
  • A re-written Question Engine supporting deferred feedback, interactive with multiple tries and confidence based marking styles (Moodle 2.1).
  • Thousands of unit tests have been created to support the new Question Engine.
  • Behat tests are used to ensure that question rendering remains consistent.
  • An Online Examinations system for the Open University (based on Moodle 2.4-2.7)
2.1 An early view of the new question engine first seen in Moodle 2.1

3 Question behaviours