3 Question behaviours

  • Enhance authoring forms for questions to enable the provision of feedback and multiple tries together with updated run-time code to support the new features (some are in Moodle 1.6 – others are in Moodle 2.1); it was the case that Moodle 1.5 (2006) was very much a testing system and not a system geared to helping distance learners learn.
  • Amend forms in which to build tests and to allow tests to run with different question behaviours.
    1. Deferred feedback: A single submission of responses to multiple qustions with feedback to all responses provided at one go either immediately or after a cut-off date (iCMA01 on this website).
    2. Interactive with multiple tries: Submission of responses to individual questions with instant feedback (iCMA02).
    3. Immediate: Like Interactive with multiple tries but without the multiple tries.
    4. Certainty Based Marking: Marks awarded are dependent on both the student's answer and their confidence in that answer ( with Tony Gardner-Medwin of University College, London).
    5. Adaptive: (a misnomer) Students can try and try again, with or without penalties (See the STACK Demonstration Quiz on this website).
    (1 has always been in Moodle; 5 was in Moodle 1.5; 2, 3 and 4 were added in Moodle 2.1).

2 Systems and Administration