4 Navigation

One of our first developments was to improve the navigation around a quiz with better signposting to the student of where they were and where they could go together with a visual record of where they had been. The new navigation was unashamedly lifted from Sam Marshall's navigation panel for OpenMark. The resulting Questions panel has been in use in OU Moodle since 2008 and was introduced to Moodle core in Moodle 2.0.

4.1 OU Moodle in 2008. The new navigation panel and a test configured to accept all answers before any are submitted for marking. Questions 1 and 2 have been answered (but can be revisited) and question 3 is in progress. Questions 4 – 8 have not been attempted.

The image below also shows that at the OU we had Interactive with multiple tries behaviour running some years before it was included in Moodle core.

4.2 The navigation panel in OU Moodle in 2008 with a test set up for questions to be answered one-by-one and a Moodle question which allows multiple tries. This is question 1; the panel shows that that question 2 has already been answered correctly and question 3 incorrectly. Questions 4 – 6 have not been attempted.

3 Question behaviours

5 New question types