8 Gradebook

  • A new Gradebook (Moodle 1.9).
  • Conditional activities: Conditonal activities can be shown or hidden as a result of a student's mark in the gradebook (Moodle 1.9).

A centralised ‘Gradebook’ reports to students, associate lecturers, Module Teams and Examinations and Assessments administrative staff. The Gradebook also accepts data from external systems e.g. OpenMark, and exports to the university’s main student records system. The Gradebook was rewritten for Moodle 1.9 by Moodle HQ staff. The OU's contribution was to pay for it! OK, we also specified what we wanted. And as the client we most certainly were involved in testing, testing, testing during the autumn of 2008.

8.1 The Gradebook showing a tutor's view of a group of students' performances

9 In development in 2015