1 The Question bank

The Question bank can be accessed from the site Administration block.

1.1 The link to the question bank

There are four question bank actions for creating and editing questions, creating categories in which to store the questions, import (from a Moodle XML format file) and export (to a Moodle XML format file).

Understanding these tools will enable you to store and retrieve your questions more efficiently.

Questions: Where the questions are held in the VLE. Your questions will normally be held within your module where they will be visible to all your colleagues who are 'Website updaters' on this module. When the module is rolled forwards for the next year the questions will be included. It is also possible to share questions across modules by storing the questions in categories at the Faculty or School level - please read on.

Categories: By creating categories for different topics, books or blocks of the module you are creating a logical storage structure so that you and all your colleagues will be able to locate all the questions on that topic in one area. It is also possible to create categories that span Faculties or Schools.

Import: It is possible to import files of questions in Moodle XML format.

Export: It is possible to export questions for import into another module. Please ensure that you use ‘Moodle XML format’.