2.1 Numeric response

There are a variety of question types that accept numeric responses.


The simplest to use but also the most limited.

Variable numeric types

  • Variable numeric:
    • Questions can include random numbers generated at run time.
  • Variable numeric set:
    • Sets of values are specified from which one set is chosen at random.
  • Variable numeric set with units:
    • Sets of values are specified from which one set is chosen at random.
    • Has a Pattern match field to handle the matching of units.

All Variable numeric types:

  • Calculations can be made based on the values in the set.
  • Making it straightforward to create multiple variants of a question.
  • Scientific input can be enabled for the student.
  • Answers can be requested to a number of significant figures.
  • There is built in feedback for common errors such as giving the wrong number of significant figures, rounding the wrong way or being out by a factor of 10.
  • A sequence of questions can be specified to use the same random number.


One or more numeric response fields can be combined with any of Pattern match, OU multiple response and Select missing words.

STACK and Pattern match

The STACK question type has the Maxima computer algebra system behind it and as such offers a complete mathematical sub-system for handling a wide variety of problems that result in numeric answers.

When you include a number in a Pattern match response string it is treated like a number, that is match(5) with match 5, 5.0, 5e0 etc.

These two question types are described in detail elsewhere on thie website