2.3.8 Combined

The Combined question enables multiple OU multiple response and Select missing words responses to be matched.

The full capabilities for the Combined question is described in section 2.4.1.

2.70 A combined question with various select fields

Question name: A descriptive name is sensible. This name will not be shown to students.

Question text: You may use the full functionality of the editor to state the question.

Response fields

The response fields have the form [[<identifier>:<type>{:<options>}]]

  • <identifier> may be alphanumeric up to 8 characters.
  • <type> here is multiresponse or selectmenu.
  • <options> are dependent upon the type of response field.


Multiresponse can be displayed vertically or horizontally

  • v for vertical display. This is the default.
  • h for horizontal display. If the rendering is too long it wraps at a choice.

Selectmenu must be followed by the correct choice.

Note that it is possible to have multiple choices that use the same menu choices e.g. The quick brown [[4:selectmenu:2]] jumps over the lazy [[4:selectmenu:4]].

Where the choices are, cow, fox, cat, dog.

After adding new input fields and to remove empty unwanted input fields click the ‘Verify the question text and update the form’ button. At this point your question text will be validated.

General feedback: We recommend that all questions should have this box completed with the correct answer and a fully worked explanation. The contents of this box will be shown to all students irrespective of whether their response was correct or incorrect. There is no system generated 'Right answer' (from the iCMA definition form) for Combined questions.

2.71 Four Selectmenu and multireponse response matching fields

These are restricted forms of the Selectmenu and OU multiple response response matching fields.

2.72 The combined feedback section
2.73 The multiple tries section

Where some fields are answered correctly and others incorrectly the intention is that the feedback associated with the field is used to say what is wrong. Correct answers can be counted up using the the option to 'Show the number of correct responses' in the Combined feedback and Hints fields.

2.4 Multiple inputs