2.7 OpenMark

OpenMark questions are made available to Moodle iCMAs through the Opaque question type.

OpenMark questions in interactive with multiple tries behaviour

OpenMark questions may be included in a Moodle iCMA that is operating with 'interactive with multiple tries' behaviour and An interactive tour of the Moodle Quiz and iCMA02 on this site demonstrate this. Questions for use with interactive with multiple tries behaviour are typically written by extending the SimpleQuestion1() class.

OpenMark questions in deferred feedback behaviour

OpenMark questions for inclusion in Deferred feedback iCMAs are typically written by extending the DeferredFeedbackQuestion1() class.

Deferred feedback exceptions

  • The OpenMark <jme> component is not supported in deferred feedback mode. Use the Moodle Pattern match with JME question type instead.

IE7 exceptions

We have tested the Opaque interface with Firefox, IE7, IE8, IE9 and Chrome on Windows and Safari on a Macintosh. Unfortunately we have been unable to support the following OpenMark question features in IE7 when they are run through Opaque:

  • <dragbox>es: please note that questions may be reconfigured to use <dropdown>s
  • positioning of markers onto images inside a <layoutgrid>: please rewrite your question without a <layoutgrid>.
2.92 An Opaque question form pointing at an OpenMark question

Question name: A descriptive name is sensible. This name will not be shown to students.

Question engine: The OpenMark server that is handling the question. Developments should be undertaken on the development server. When all testing is complete the question should be moved to the 'live servers' ready for use by students and this entry should be changed to match.

Question id: The name of the question on the OpenMark server e.g. mu120.module5.question05

Question version: OpenMark supports version numbers of questions usually starting at 1.0. Provide the version number here. Please note that should you alter the version number in 'mid-test', Moodle will start to use the new version for all students immediately. Never alter the logic of a question in 'mid-test'.

2.7.1 No. of tries and marking